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You played as a guest artist with the University of Arizona in the 80s
when I was a bone player in it. I had no idea what you were talking
about but I was entranced. You influenced my playing, writing,
attitude...etc. I wish I could do that clinic now. I'd get it. I
think. Anyway, all I have to say is, "Ladd, you're a mother!" Thanks.


Jeff Marchant, Director of Bands, University/Rincon High Schools, 1/21/2011

A friend of the family and my first guitar teacher, Richard Edison, performed and recorded with the Ohio State University Lab Band. I saw you guys play in 1966-67, and I still have the vinyl from that 1967 Impulse label date. Your music and that band influenced me toward a lifetime of playing jazz... thanks.


Dan Coy, March 24, 2010

Hi Ladd,  I took lessons from you in N.Hollywood over a decade ago, I bought a bunch of your tunes, played and recorded them, and spread the legend of Ladd to many entertained audiences. I run into guys all the time who met or know you; lots of directors of bands I play with have some of your big band tunes, and generally a good story, which I always appreciate. I haven't come across your essay "The 5 honkmen of the bebopolypse" anywhere except my own copy though. My wife gets all hot when I play "Raoul at the Zepp Club", to which I thank you for!

Anyhow, I just downloaded your great album "Ride the Night Beast" from iTunes. I'm going to buy a couple of your tunes on Walrus Music, but I'm wondering if there are "short versions" with just head and rhythm to save me some time in my arranging? I have an 8-piece second-line New Orleans thing going now; my older jazz/latin thing "K.A.Wonton Little Latin Big Band" was really hot for a while. I think I wrote you about  that one; sent you a tune, etc.  I love your stuff to this day, and your band sounds great. Beautiful writing Ladd!

Hey man; I hope you're doing great - you're album sounds fantastic, and if you have any score/heads of like your title tunes, I'd love to buy them. We're still playing Queefmobile and Late night at the L.Q. (and Raoul).

Cheers! Erik Rosenquist on January 21, 2009

Hi Ladd,  I took classes with you thousands of years ago at the Dick Grove School, and saw you and your band perform many times in Santa Monica.   You popped up on my pc when I was checking out ballroom dancing in Pasadena.  Your arrangements were always brilliantly different, difficult and fascinating.  You led me to Freddie Ravel for piano lessons. Glad to hear you're doing Great! 

Lila Lorre on August 30, 2008

Dear Mr. McIntosh,  Hello! My name is Michael Bashaw. I am 17 years old and live in Ohio. I am also homeschooled.

I have a friend who was in one of your classes at Ohio State? When he went there back a while ago. I don't know if you would remember him.. his name is Dave Williams.  Anyway, my dad is good friends with him also and last week I was at the theater watching Prince Caspian. My dad recognized your name in the credits, and so we logged onto your website a few days later to see what you were doing. My, you have a lot of credits! :-) It's so exciting that you have worked with Klaus Badelt and Harry Gregson-Williams, two of my favorite composers!

I just thought I'd shoot you an email while I was thinking about. I really enjoyed the music in Narnia and the first Pirates of the Caribbean.

~Michael on May 23, 2008

Ladd,  So here I am at the end of the “Call of Duty 4” game, and I see your name listed in the credits....which led me to a quick search to your website.  As a student I attended at least one NAU jazz camp (1980 or so?) where you were an instructor.  I still remember “Swami Ladd’s Kick-ass Wontons”.   You were certainly one of the most memorable of the crowd.  I believe Grant Wolfe was at the helm then, others I remember were Brian Brown, Gary Foster and Clare Fischer.  I ended up getting a minor in saxophone performance from Occidental College, taking instruction from Doug Masek at UCLA.  Now I’m in the San Francisco Bay area, occasionally doing random quartet activities and a stint or two with the College of San Mateo night band (under Mike Galisatus) - but it’s definitely a hobby only, my day job is at Yahoo!. 

Anyway, great to see your name and relive those fun memories at jazz camp – I really had a blast thanks to folks like you.  You certainly seem to have quite a prolific career - congratulations.  Hope all continues well for you.

Brian Adams on February 28, 2008

Early recollections...It was one of the very first concerts that I went to (I believe I was 13 at the time): my parents took me to see "Today is a Good Day to Die" at a night spot in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That was one of the first times that I was taken to such an "adult" venue, apart from the occasional fancy restaurant, and I was really impressed....not only by the music but also the lyrics. I saved and periodically reread the booklet for months afterwards, but unfortunately it got lost somewhere. I would love to see a recording of this rock opera some time.
As the Internet has grown, I have occasionally done a Google search on the title, and it is only now that I have finally found who wrote it! Great work....but that compliment's on the basis of a 35 year old fuzzy memory. I'd like it refreshed.

Tom Smith, Taipei, Taiwan on June 20, 2007

Mr. McIntosh,  I played in the Highland High stage band in Salt Lake
in the mid 70's. I really dug playing your chart "Dirty Fork" and I was
wondering if it has ever been recorded, as I think of it often and would
love to hear it again. I enjoy your work.

Thanks and Best Regards, Rob Anderson, Galveston, TX on June 10, 2007

My name is Tom Fleming.  I played guitar in the Northridge B Band in 1980/1981.  I still think back to those times and smile real wide.  It was one of the best times of my life.  Playing in your band was an amazing experience for an 18 year old kid and I learned a lot about music, life and tequila in the time spent playing and partying with everbody.  I was very lucky that you enjoyed my playing and took me on to be your guitarist that year.  Thank you. 

I've been following your career and my ears perk up whenever I hear your work.  You are an amazing talent.  I went on to study at Berklee and still play to pay the bills.  Just wanted to say hello...

Tom Fleming on February 10, 2006

Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!

Sergej Brin on December 8, 2005

Recently I was discussing your rock opera "Today is a Good Day To Die" which I saw numerous times Bridge-Vu Dinner Theater (I was a bus boy there) and I was wondering if there was ever a cast album made or if the show Libretto can be perused any where? Thank-you for your help in this.   kevindoler@comcast.net

Kevin C. Doler on November 27, 2005

I have repeatedly listened to Temptation-and belonging to a drum and bugle corps in St. Paul, Mn; i was just inquirying as to the price of maybe obtaining a copy of the lead sheets arrangement of the musical score of Temptation-it's truly magnificent!! Thank You--by the way the rest of Temptation cd is awesome!! 

Bob "Skip" Olson on October 12, 2005

Ladd, I was recently going through my old vinyl albums to play some things I haven't played in a few months. I pulled out and played (for about the 500th time) an album circa 1968 of the OSU Jazz Ensemble of which you were the leader. For reference, the album starts with "The Jazzers." I've always thought it was one of the most amazing collection of original big band arrangements I've ever heard. Out of curiosity, I googled you and found your website. I then ordered "Ride the Night Beast" and I love it. I will get "Temptation" now as well. You are one gifted dude. When I was about 15 years old, a high school classmate and bandmate, Ken Sperry, and I used to go to see the OSU Jazz Ensemble perform in the Student Union at OSU. Ken ended up playing trumpet in the Jazz Ensemble in the early 1970s under Tom Battenberg. Another Reynoldsburg High School guy, Bill Bendler, played trombone in your band and is on the recording I mentioned. I was a huge Stan Kenton and Don Ellis fan as well in high school, and I always enjoyed hearing how the OSU Jazz Ensemble was performing similar avant garde big band charts. Here's my question. I remember you had this incredible other band -- the "Live New Breed" and I saw you lead them in a concert, at Mershon Auditorium maybe?, in the late 1960s. I was still in high school at the time, but I was completely floored by the music your group performed. There was an excellent female singer whose name I cannot recall, but I would love to know who she was and whatever happened to her career. Are there any recordings available anywhere of any of the Live New Breed's performances? I would love to have some of that great stuff to listen to again. Anyway, it's great to see you are still putting out the great charts. I enjoyed your Night Beast CD very much, but I am disappointed you are not playing on it. Man, you had some chops on that 1968 live album. You were probably one of the best soprano sax players I have ever heard.

Bob Janes in Columbus on August 23, 2005

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