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Ladd is a well-respected Hollywood film orchestrator with over 125 major films to his credit.  He has contributed orchestrations to all of the films shown below, most of which were composed by either Harry Gregson-Williams, Heitor Pereira, Hans Zimmer, John Powell or Klaus Badelt. Other film composers for whom he has worked include Toby Chu, Dave Buckley, Nick Glennie-Smith, Mark Mancina, Steve Jablonsky, Cliff Martinez, Mason Daring, Trevor Rabin, Mark Mothersbaugh and Marcus Miller.

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For the uninitiated, film orchestration entails crafting a complete score for orchestra that most closely achieves the composer's intent.  It requires a keen understanding of all the instruments of the orchestra, including their strengths and weaknesses as well as the ability to juggle the various elements so that no one note, or group of notes, is out of place.

The need for highly skilled orchestrators is crucial to ensure that recordings are on-time and on-budget when dealing with large live musician budgets.  Ladd has a well-earned reputation for being highly accurate, efficient and musical.